NationsUniversity® students take courses at their own pace, therefore, students can enroll in NationsUniversity at any time.


NationsUniversity® is a year-round university and does not have "semesters" or "quarters."




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NationsUniversity® has been incorporated in the state of Louisiana as a degree-granting educational institution and is offering three degrees: (1) the Bachelor of Religious Studies (BRS), the Master of Theological Studies (MTS) and the Master of Divinity (M.Div.) There are thousands of students from nations around the world.

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NationsUniversity® offers academic awards at both the undergraduate (baccalaureate) and graduate (master's) levels. There are over 80 courses available to study--including undergraduate, graduate and foreign language offerings.

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Student Help

NationsUniversity® and volunteers strive to make your experience as an NU student the best that it can possibly be. Each student is assigned an Advisor who can help them progress in their chosen education track. NationsUniversity® staff are trained and ready to assist you.

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