NationsUniversity: Tell Us Your Story!

Imagine explaining your experience at NationsUniversity to a friend. What would you say? What might they ask you? And how would you express what you learned, and why you are grateful for the experince? Your video is your chance to tell people around the world that story: who you are, how NationsUniversity “changed your world,” and why? Here is your chance to give back and inspire others with your accomplishments.


Just be yourself and tell your personal story, with as many details as you feel comfortable sharing. Say something about why you chose NU, and then share about what you learned. How are you going to apply what you learned in your professional and personal life? How did NationsUniversity “Change Your World?”  Your story can inspire others and your story is worth sharing! 


Technical Guidelines

1. Keep it short.  Please submit only one video that is 3 minutes or less in length.


2. Record quality sound.  We want to hear what you have to say—so make sure your video has good sound quality! Choose a quiet place to make your video, and speak slowly and clearly. If you are using your computer’s built-in microphone, you may need to adjust the input levels.


3. Quality video—do not backlight.  Get good video quality by making sure that light is in the foreground—on you. Choose a setting without a bright window or other light source in the background. If you are using a webcam, here is some information on improving the quality of your webcam video. A smart phone camera will work just fine. And you may want a friend or family member to help you!


4. Upload to YouTube or other video-sharing account. Any video sharing website will be fine, as long as they allow embedding of videos on other websites (most video sites can do this). Zoom in enough so that we can really see your face, and look into the camera. 


5. Title and tag your video.  Use “Thank You NationsUniversity”  and “NU Changed My World” in the title of your video, and begin with stating your name, location, or another defining feature of your story. For example, “Thank You NationsUniversity and all those who support their mission.”  Use the tag “Thank You NationsUniversity” or “changeyourworld” and any other tags that describe your story.  


Be sure to email me and include the link to your video. You may also be able to upload your video to Google Drive or other cloud sharing site. Find a solution that works best for you. As a final option you may copy this link into your browser and upload your video there,


Once you enter your submission NU will send you a talent release form giving NationsUniversity permission to use your video. This only requires a digital signature. You may contact me by writing to if you have any questions.


Watch these examples! When you send us your video we will add all the special effects! All you need to do is send us your best takes. We will do the rest!