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Wednesday, 09 September 2015

Dear all, praise the name of Jesus Christ!

My name is Okot Stephen. I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies (BRS) from NationsUniversity in November 2011, and currently ongoing with the M.DIV (Master of Divinity) program at NU.

This prestigious distance learning institution has helped my missionary dreams come true! I started utilizing my leadership and ministry skills in the local churches and outreach programs right from my first year of the BRS degree program.

I conducted itinerary missions in both rural and urban parts of the Acholi Sub Region in northern Uganda with outstanding impacts: Hundreds of souls have come to the Lord in recent years; faith has been built, revival awakened, and leadership developed in many Churches in this wonderful land of Acholi. "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful in much…" (Luke 16:10, KJV).

I thank you all; the board, staff, volunteers, and students of Nations University for the love, support, and above all the sacrifice, in order to prepare us for the great commission. And to the students for commitment toward quality theological education, and being resourceful and encouraging to our tutors. I myself did not take NationsUniversity education for granted.

I valued it, utilized it, and it has worked and will continue to work for me. Even though I had no secular degree or Diploma, Nations University opened doors for me. My English Language has also improved. 

Congratulations! Now that our prestigious NationsUniversity is accredited, more doors will be opened for graduates to do greater things for the glory of God. The University credentials will now be respected even by secular Education body like the National Council for Higher Education. 

May God bless you all, 

Thank you --Okot Stephen

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Thursday, 06 August 2015


These letters of applause come from Facebook and email. Thank you for your kind words everybody!

"Dear Mac and Dick,
Thank the Almighty for this wonderful and great achievement. I am one of those who have been blessed because of your dream come true. I am more equipped today for the Lord's work than ever before I became your student. May the good God continue to lengthen your days to see this institution become more matured."

Here is a quick overview of so many letters that we cannot print all of them here. We also have almost as many exclamation points as letters. For brevity's sake we only used one for each of these.


"Awesome! I have been taking classes at NU since 2001, Wonderful news!, Glad to hear this, Congratulations!, God is Great!, Praise the Lord!, Thank You Lord!, Amen and Amen!, DEAC Accredited, fantastic news guys."


Many of the congratulations were very heartfelt. Some saw it as an answer to prayer. They came from all over the world, current students, former students and alumni. We are grateful to everyone who helped make this day possible.
This will bless so many who are pursuing their degrees through NationsUniversity. Great work. Glad to hear this.



"As an old Masters of Theology student, I equally celebrate with NationsUniversity."

"Congratulations! May God continue to bless this school!"

"Praise God. He always sees a righteous course through."

"I too rejoice with NationsUniversity for this great achievement. It has been my earnest and greatest desire for this accreditation considering the quality and excellence of training provided by NationsUniversity. Once again congratulations! So happy."

"I thank God for the accreditation and for the opportunity given us to serve God better and lead others too. God bless NU."

"I am very grateful for this great step of accreditation we have long awaited. I thank God for answering our prayers.
Praise God, it has finally paid off, the patience, the tenacity the waiting and the prayers God is Great. Thanks for all the people that have carried the vision of the NationsUniversity and have nurtured it thus far, you are surely living right at the centre of your God ordained destiny."

"NationsUniversity gave me a degree when I could never afford the cost of a university degree. The degree has opened doors that I could never have imagined and now am able to pay my way through a masters programme. Indeed, you are a blessing, God bless you mightily."



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Monday, 27 July 2015


NationsUniversity® has been accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission!

Now Accredited

NationsUniversity was founded 20 years ago to build faith and train Christian leaders around the world. The courses in biblical studies have always provided students with excellence in distance education. This excellence has now been formally recognized by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). Dr. Mac Lynn, co-founder and current university Chancellor, proudly announced, "Following a sustained effort by a committed team of volunteers, educational specialists, and financial supporters, NationsUniversity has achieved accreditation status by this national commission recognized by the U.S. Department of Education." The commission has accredited NU's full program: the Certificate in Religious Studies, the Bachelor of Religious Studies, the Master of Theological Studies, and the Master of Divinity.

Our Story

NU began as a dream of Dick Ady and Mac Lynn in 1995, was incorporated in 1996, and subsequently launched programs leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees in biblical studies. The mission of NationsUniversity is to build faith and train Christian leaders around the world through affordable, accessible higher education utilizing distance learning.  NU is primarily an online institution related to Churches of Christ through a governing Board of Regents.  Incorporated in Louisiana, the school is managed by a small paid staff and a larger staff of volunteers who perform needed tasks from world-wide locations.  With a current enrollment of approximately 2,000 students in 120 countries, the school has a diverse student body, including students from 18 to 80 years of age. 

Prison Ministry

In addition to its international students, NU has one of the nation's most active prison outreach programs through higher education. Currently, over 300 inmates are studying to receive bachelor and master degrees, and another 150 are studying in the certificate program. This outreach touches the lives of inmates in 72 prisons across 18 states.

Sharing the Gospel

NationsUniversity continues to serve God by using the Internet to reach into the most hostile countries and places in the world. The success of this program would not be possible without the dedication of supporters, churches, volunteers, and mission partners. This accreditation is as much a recognition of their hard work as it is of NationsUniversity's commitment to excellence.



YouTube: The NU Story,



Chaplain's Corner:

DEAC Website:



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Thursday, 09 July 2015

NationsUniversity college-level courses can help:

Reinforce Rehabilitation
Reduce Recidivism

NationsUniversity educates people in difficult places and reaches people who typically have no opportunities or no funds for higher education. We envision a future in which countless prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families are redeemed, restored, and reconciled through the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Learn more about the NationsUniversity Prison Ministry program.
Your church can partner with us or you can do so individually. We are primarily seeking individuals who have a heart for ministry and are willing to become NationsUniversity Certified Proctors to help us reach more incarcerated students. We have hundreds of students on a waiting list but we don't have enough volunteers. We need dedicated individuals and churches that are willing to serve them. A certified proctor facilitates getting the course materials to the student and collects the student's school work and sends it to us for grading by our faculty. 
If you have a heart for ministry and building the Kingdom you may have what it takes to be a NationsUniversity Certified Prison Proctor. Please contact us today at:
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Thursday, 18 June 2015
Recently NationsUniversity graduated its first student in Ireland. He wrote us to tell his story:
"A day I will always remember in my life was the 14th day of August 1980, the day I gave my life to Christ and surrendered to His Lordship. From that day on, till now I found peace in my heart and my entire life becomes meaningful. Since my conversion I have been involved in the Lord's work. I have served as an usher, interpreter, Bible Teacher and preacher. 
I attended Bible & Missionary Theological College, Nigeria, an affiliate of Washington Bible College, USA.  It was there I obtained a Diploma of Theology in 1994. 
I left Nigeria for Ireland in 2001. While in Ireland I enrolled in a free Bible correspondence course (Emmaus Bible correspondence course) at Bible Study Institute, Ireland for three years.  When I finished my Bachelor's Degree in Theology in 2012, I desired to study for my Master's Degree in order to be more effective in the service of God but was unable to do so due to financial reasons. I lost my job, have children in school and other monetary obligations. 
Then I went to God in prayer to provide me means and a way to study His Word. As I searched the Internet one day I found NationsUniversity. I could not believe that was real until I enrolled. God has used you to fulfil my dream and I have my degree.
What can I say about the staff of the NationsU? They are God-chosen individuals whose lives God has truly touched. They were there when I needed their help during my studies and a useful instrument for the kingdom of God. 
The NationsUniversity courses are of high standard, valuable and profitable for the spirit, soul and body. The material is good for knowledge of God and godliness. The outlines are Bible based and God centered. 
I have introduced NationsU to two of my friends and I said to them if the Bible is what you want to learn as church workers, do study with NU and get prepared for service. I have studied the Bible from various institutions but NU, I must say, is special.
My Bible understanding has been increased and changed for better. Above all, those outlines are used as reference books. Though I have finished the course yet I make use of them. Therefore, my experience with NU and the entire Staff remains fresh. You are a source of blessing to me. I will use it to serve God and humanity. May the Lord increase you!
John Madu,
Belfast, Ireland
Posted on 06/18/2015 2:36 PM by Jon Roy Sloan

Friday, 22 May 2015

Change your future Today...

NationsUniversity® is "a school without walls" that provides high-quality Christian education for people in every nation at little or no cost to students who can't afford to pay.

To learn more about our Programs and how you can be part of our school Click Here



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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Bill Hensley, U.S. Student, BRS 2012

" I have been a follower of our Savior, Jesus Christ for about 61 years. I have always wanted to know more than just Sunday morning sermons and Bible studies.I now attend a church in Shreveport, Louisiana. NationsUniversity gave me the opportunity to study and be able to understand the whole story of what God has given to us through the scriptures.

At the age of 80, I graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Religious Studies from NationsUniversity. I am so thankful for this opportunity that I had to study and for all the knowledge that God has bless me with.

I would strongly recommend, that when you study at NU, to be very open to their instructions and follow them, such as putting aside what you know, letting the Holy Spirit guide you in what you need to get out of your studies. I very strongly believe that the Holy Spirit helped me all the way through school. My faith is 100% strong in the Lord God of Heaven and I would not take any amount of money for the purpose of doing away with the knowl- edge that I now have of the scriptures.

I thank God, Mac Lynn and all of his staff, for the dedication and hard work they have provided to help the students succeed in their goals and studies. "


Watch His Video

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Thursday, 07 May 2015

NationsUniversity® is "a school without walls" that provides high-quality Christian education for people in every nation at little or no cost to students who can't afford to pay.
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Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Catheryn Tan Tai Mei worked diligently to complete the Bachelor of Religious Studies Degree in 2012 with a grade point average of 3.48. She has been a student with NationsUniversity since 2010. When she was informed of her successful completion, her immediate reaction was one of thanksgiving. She wrote to us in 2013: 


"Thank you for taking time to write me and may you also rejoice with me as I have accomplished the BRS. I could never thank NationsU and all the faculty enough for all their labor of hard work and service done in the name of Christ and for all His precious children. The journey of study was indeed a combination of joy and struggles. By the grace of God and many words of encouragement from student services, this journey has been made travel easier and possible. The high marks I received in some courses served to embolden me in other courses. Many times I came before the exams with a prayer from the Book of Esther - If I perish, I perish. Yet, God's help was always there for me." 


"I take joy in letting you know that I have entered into the MTS program now. It is altogether a new journey and I prepare to embark with a heart of discovery, and going to see God create the universe all over again; to dwell in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve; to encounter flood with Noah; go camping with Abraham; part the Red Sea with Moses; worship in the wilderness with Israelites; count numbers that look like telephone directories and recite the laws with Moses. It is an entirely new journey again for all things. May God grant me wisdom and understanding and help me to do well for all that is required of me."

Today, we are happy to report she is nearing the completion of Master of Theological Studies and will be eligible to graduate this fall. Watch this video to learn more about what NationsUniversity students are saying in Southeast Asia.
To learn more about our Programs and how you can be part of our school Click Here

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Friday, 17 April 2015

Our Kenya Mission
Our Director of Communications, Jon-Roy Sloan and his wife Maria, spent nine days in Kenya after Christmas. Jon-Roy met with NU students, alumni and local churches to explore what ministry needs exist and how to empower the local churches and church leaders in the Homa Bay region of Kenya. Jon-Roy led an NU information conference in Nairobi where alumni and students shared information regarding the opportunities to enhance the NU student experience and grow our presence in Kenya. 
In the Video...
The video features two alumni and one current student. John Omondi opens the video. He was the first student to earn the Master of Divinity degree from NationsUniversity in Kenya!  Aketch Edwin Rangala is an undergraduate and Peter King'ori closes the video. Peter is currently our advisor to Central Africa and currently works as the Education and Training Coordinator in the Character Education Programme for the Global Community Service Initiative. He is also the Senior Administrative Assistant- EFAC program at Africa Nazarene University.
Learn More
Watch this video and others at to learn more about what the students in Kenya and around the world are saying.
Jon-Roy and Maria are returning in October 2015. Donations for this trip can be made on the NU website. We thank you for your support. Your Donation Makes A Difference!  Donate Here
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Wednesday, 08 April 2015

You Can Support NationsUniversity

We focus on God's Word.

Everything we do is for the purpose of raising the standards of biblical teaching and preaching around the world, equipping God's people with God's Word to grow in Christ-likeness and to fulfill God's mission in the world.


We trust God's Word to bring lasting change.

We invest in the teaching of God's Word and see it yield immeasurable results, changing hearts and minds, creating lasting impact, addressing sin and social issues with truth, leading to action and application into all walks of life.


We invest in what multiplies.

Our ministry reproduces for years to come. God takes the seeds we plant and grows His kingdom beyond what we could ever hope or imagine. Ministers feed their congregations, raising up new generations of biblically mature believers. Scholars train future Christian ministers and leaders, who equip God's people for their service in the world. Biblical books equip leaders, speak to congregations, and nourish the church for its participation in God's mission.


When you partner with NationsUniversity, you help provide the resources needed to raise the standards of biblical preaching in the global church, leading to a chain reaction of changed lives. When God's people are equipped with God's Word, lives are transformed for His glory.


Click HERE to donate and learn more. Be sure to follow us on social media and to forward this to your friends.

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Thursday, 02 April 2015

Our students like to tell their story and show their gratitude to us daily.


"I have just received the NationsUniversity diploma and words cannot explain how grateful I am for this blessed gift. NU has executed an act of faith which taught me to be faithful. As you and your donors have made it possible for me to be the beneficiary of a free education so shall I do my best to help others achieve theirs as often as I can. God Bless you all and I really intend to make my presence felt."

Leon Peters, French Guadeloupe Islands


NationsUniversity is now enrolling students in its undergraduate degree program and its graduate degree program.  Students can work toward the Bachelor of Religious Studies (B.R.S.) or the Master of Theological Studies (M.T.S.).  All courses are available on the Internet and no tuition is required.  No education is totally free, however, as all students must have access to the Internet.  Textbooks are also the responsibility of students.  Many resources are available online and students are given a list of extended resources for each course as well as a select library for each course. 


See details at

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

NationsUniversity is currently enrolling students into its Bachelors and Masters degree programs. Study online from the comfort of your home. Our studies speak directly from scripture. It is our goal to bring our successful methods of Bible study to students who typically have no opportunities or no funds for higher education.


We are continually upgrading and enhancing the student learning experience. These enhancements benefit the student by an increased level of learning and interest in the course. We are always trying to bring new technology to our learning platform. 


Here are what some of our students say:


Again thank you very much for the extraordinary work you all are doing. I sincerely hope to study and finish my studies so I can give something positive in return. 

Prison Student (US) 

The studies at NationsUniversity have helped me greatly through these past several years of difficulty. I can now well say like the Psalmist, "The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want." 

-Argentina Student

To learn more about how you can be a student at NationsUniversity click here.


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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Hey Students,


We have a new blog page, right here, right now! We will use this to post updates to learning, news, information and even what the students are doing and the success they are meeting with. NationsUniversity's mission is to build faith and training Christian leaders around the world through affordable, accessible higher education utilizing distance learning.


Listen to Daniel Egozue of Nigeria and what he has to say about NationsUniversity and learn if it is right for you.


God Bless,


Jon-Roy Sloan
Director of Communications




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