Date: 25/02/2017
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Success For Our Students in Kenya
In Kenya from 2001 to 2005, 39 students earned a bachelor of religious studies (B.R.S.), 27 earned a master of religious studies (M.R.S.) and one earned a master of ministry degree. This does not count all those who earned certificates, associates, and diploma level awards. Numerous students have been able to obtain employment due to their attaining a degree. 
Since 2005 another 33 B.R.S. awards have been given and 30 M.R.S. awards. There has been one master of divinity awarded and that was in 2009. Students in Kenya have been awarded 130 degrees in higher education. If you were to add in the other awards there are well over 200 certificates, associates, and diplomas combined. We are proud of all the work the Kenyans have done over the years and look forward to serving them and awarding more degrees.
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