Tuesday, 17 May 2016
Randy Harris Awarded Honorary Doctorate

An honorary doctorate of divinity was awarded to Randy Harris by NationsUniversity a in recognition of exemplary service to fellow human beings around the world and scholarly excellence. 


Dr. Harris teaches at Abilene Christian University where he was chosen Honors Professor of the Year in 2001, Honors Mentor of the Year in 2003 and Outstanding Faculty Member of the College of Biblical Studies in 2003. Known as an expert in modern theology and ethics, Harris holds degrees from Harding University, Harding School of Theology, and Syracuse University. He is coauthor of The Second Incarnation, coeditor and contributor to Theology Matters, and has written articles for Wineskins magazine.


Randy quips, "One of my favorite Christian authors, Sheldon Vanauken, a friend of C. S. Lewis, said years ago that when you get a new car you should also get a hammer. Take that hammer and go out and put the first dent in the brand new car yourself. Then you're not afraid to use it anymore. That way you don't have to park at the end of the parking lot to protect from door dings, because you've already put the first dent in it yourself. Vanauken's point was this: things are not to be loved, they're to be used. The corollary to that is this: people are not to be used, they're to be loved."


― Randy Harris, Living Jesus: Doing What Jesus Says in the Sermon on the Mount



Posted on 05/17/2016 1:20 PM by Jon Roy Sloan
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