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Adam and Eve Cylinder Seal

This is a seal known as the Adam and Eve Cylinder Seal, or the Temptation Seal, and is housed at the British Museum. The seal was found near Nineveh and dates to about 3500 B.C. The seal depicts two seated figures, a tree, and a serpent, and was formerly believed to evince some connection with Adam and Eve from the Book of Genesis.


These small seals were carved out of stone. When rolled on clay they would leave an impression. The picture on the left depicts the image when the actual cylinder, which is pictured on the right, is rolled across a soft clay or waxy surface. The cylinders were pierced through from end to end so that they could be worn on a string or pin.


Is it a representation of the Adam and Eve story found in Genesis, or is it a simple Akkadian fertility scene?


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